Dent Dial

Power and Finesse

Power and Control


Dent Dial is for Paintless Dent Removal and auto body repair.

Tools designed with infinite adjustments open up the possibilities $$$$$ for you in Pdr.  Learning DentDial setups come easy over time and it's all up to your imagination and skill.  Invest wisely and don't limit the potential setups in your day for pushing and pulling dents.  

Dent Dial bars are for the Autobody or Paintless Dent Repair technician. This unique tool is engineered to be very strong against dents and yet you can bend it into position for optimal leverage.  It is the most adjustable and customizable dent repair tool on the market. The DentDial creates its own leverage to powerfully push behind a dent with straight or perpendicular pressure and no sliding off. Create a fulcrum that is stable and eliminate the need to drill holes. There is a wide variety of tips available for the DentDial and the base included has holes so you can screw on any imaginable tip (wood, plastic, etc.) There are 5 total bars each with 10 years of testing and usefulness by a 24 year professional Pdr technician.

Dent Dial bars are not a flat bar hollowed out in the middle, as bars with that build will be weak and the slot will close up. Plus give the wrong temper they will quickly crack when bent daily and why stainless steel is not it.  Authentic Dent Dial bars are handmade with secret procedures for a truly unique temper that stays very strong even with daily bending. I make these tools myself using an original recipe that creates a tool that will bend into many positions and not crack over time and I have 10+ years of testing that recipe. The secret to the power of these tools is sliding fulcrum. Once the tool is bent into position the torque is so strong, the appropriate tool won't bend against the dent being pushed out.  Most important is the slot down the middle which enables tips to pass through the bar for easy and critical adjustments. A solid flat bar deisgn where tips cannot pass through will have you struggling and frustrated most of the time, I know that because...that was my first design I abandoned. Do more with a Dent Dial.  

Pushing and Pulling dents can

be a lucrative career

Tools are MADE IN USA and are shipped anywhere in the world. Patent #6957561


35 Heavy with the MadMax


35 Light Duty

35 Heavy Duty

22 Heavy Duty

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