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A BENDABLE and very strong tool designed and is built for the Autobody or Paintless Dent Repair technicians of the world. It is the most adjustable and customizable dent tool on the market. The DentDial is a tool that creates its own leverage to powerfully push behind a dent with straight or perpendicular pressure. With this tool there is no sliding off the dent and no need to drill holes for leverage. There is a wide variety of tips available for the DentDial, however the base included has holes setup so you can add any imaginable tip (wood, plastic, etc.) Once you bend the DentDial to the fit the compartment you are working inside of, the tip selected slides into position. The DentDial can be completely taken apart quickly to become a useful flat bar or attach glue pulling pieces for great power pulls. Email questions about this tool to SAL dentexpert@mac.com
Autobody shop: When there is a dent that you want to keep small the Dent Dial will refine your techs.
PDR professional: No more slipping off the dent and you can attach customized wood or plastic shapes to form to contour lines or the dent crevices

Tools are MADE IN USA and are shipped anywhere in the world

Beware of knock off tools trying to be a Dent Dial, the inferior TEMPER and design will crack quickly and be worthless. It is not a flat bar hollowed out in the middle, this design will crack very quickly. Authentic Dent Dial tools are difficult to make with secret procedures for a truly unique temper. These secrets allow the creation of a tool that will bend and not crack. Stay strong for many years of dent pushing power with great flexibility of use.

DentDialcutupdoor35H powerpushsuburbanpushBendable toolVanpullingusingpinchraingutterReachTip and Swivel

5 different sizes and thickness for autobody or paintless dent technicians

nice setuprubbertipTruckbedtrunkaccess

Quick powerful access with a soft directional push.

hood useroofuseGlue puller

Adjustable, bendable, strong, accurate and customizable with your own tips. Long or short version can cover wide areas with one tool for numerous hail dents. Speed = $.

Vintage FerrarimtetrophyPorsche356day

Recently I placed 3rd at the 2011 Dent Olympics, an international competition held at the Mobile Tech Expo, the annaul event was held this year in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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When the correct tool on the right spot meets experience and good skills, this is efficient dent repair. Check out:www.dentexperttraining.com

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Here's a recent job by SAL using the new SlapperTapper knock down tool

Post by Sal Contreras.


Write name for tool stamp here. This only applies to the bars.

Dent Dial
35 light duty - 1/4" thickness. This tool is light enough to hold with one hand and help with the fine detailing, yet strong enough to push out larger PDR dents. Working up inside truck beds with one hand is a breeze. Great for hood dents, you can use long bolts for a quick setup in seconds, makes using the S hook obsolete so no hood frame damage or glue pull down dents. Use up inside fenders or down through glass. Use it as a great way to pull glue tabs while tapping out pressure.
Includes:1 base, 1 lock and 1 sled. No tips

35withhandhood usefenderusethroughglass35lightwithtundramoreusesglue pull helpglue pullglue pull roofingworkingroofs

Dent Dial

22 inch- 1/4" This tool you will use the most. It seems to fit everywhere and has plenty of power for small to midsize dents and is bends to position easily. Lightweight for use with one hand or two, doubles as a flat bar through the door glass for quickies. Includes: 1 base, 1 lock and 1 sled No tips

Dent Dial

22 inch- 5/16" Dent Dial. For those who want more power from a thicker Dent Dial because of larger or deep ugly dent repairs. I tend to do big damage and the 5/16" thickness is plenty strong for Autobody techs and big dent PDR techs. A little harder to bend but stays very strong when muscling out some deep stuff. Includes: 1 base, 1 lock and 1 sled No tips

22pdrtipsgalore22pdrheavypusherqtr panel accesseverydaytipGluepuller

Dent Dial
10inchpanelproindoorinside panel

10 inch Panel Pro. 1/4" thickness, very slim and strong......yet bendable for the way you like it. The shaved ends enable you to cram this tool into crevices for leverage. Using this tool in a panel is a must. The unique shaping I do for this tool is vital when working in a panel, all hand grinded and shaped............no cheap knockoff here.
Includes:1 base, 1 lock and 1 sled. No tips

The Dent Dial 5/16 thread Tips

AngleHoldEveryday TipFlatBendLineBuildLipTipBlankTipSlightBendTearDropBermTipReach TipReCreaserLocOnGluePullerSwivelBaseWoodHold
"Welding pretty is not easy especially on small items. All tips come without leather as you should change types constantly".

These designs have been tested in my tools box for years now and I use them all the time. The must haves are The Everyday Tip, The WoodHold, The Re-Creaser and The Blank (my favorite wood is glued to it)
I alter these tips constantly, by filing or cutting the bolt size for a custom length/size.....whatever I need that day.

Remember: These tips below are 5/16 threaded tips (standard size of all DentCraft,etc.):






Anglehold Tip






Button to buy all of above ^^^^^^ tips at once.

Special tips recommended for the 35 Light Duty or the 22 light Duty only
Micro Dent Dial Tips

Glue pullers are best used with the thicker tools such as the 22 Heavy Duty or the 35 Heavy Duty bars
Dent Dial Glue pull attachments

Extra accessories for the Dent Dial bars

This next bar is the big daddy and it has it's own tip package

Dent Dial bar

8 - 3/8 thread tips plus Loc-On Glue Puller + LocknSwivel base.

The 35 HEAVY- 3/8" Thickness- You need two hands to hold this one!!   For the autobody technician or PDR tech who wants some tremendous power for the bigger jobs. This is a BENDABLE tool and yet very powerful.
Alone it comes with 3/8" inch bolt stems for strong unyielded pushing. Includes: 1 sled, 1 sled lock, 1 long base.

35withhands35H powerpush35andboltTundrawith35heavysuburbanpushoffdolly

Introducing my latest tool and the biggest reason why I feel I can take on the larger challenging dents. I would be lost without this tool. Basically it is an excellent way to knock down crowns and large complex highs with a nice flat strike that you can blend for a smooth finish. Here's the video if you want to learn more about slapping metal and crown theory.

Slapping Crowns and Highs with SAL & Dent Expert Training - Trailer from Dent Expert Training on Vimeo.



double popularpanelprowoodholdreallinebuildexVanpushnoleveragedownglasswoodholdgluepullerhailuse

Example of use.


"Hey Sal,
Thanks for the great tool! Had to write and say I appreciate you making this tool available. I've been using it a lot on older 300 series BMW doors. As you know the bottom of these doors are wide open and trying to create leverage and control is difficult. The DentDial rocks! Amazing control and leverage. One great find is the thread size is the industry standard so all my DentCraft and Ultra tips and extensions fit, too cool and this tool of yours does what no other will, create leverage in very open spaces"
Thank You-Jason Maguire/Dent Medics

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SAL is the inventor of the Dent Dial and the Founder of Dent Expert Training a paintless dent removal DVd training course.
Learn more about him at www.dentexpertsal.com and or see a Dvd training site for PDR at www.dentexperttraining.com
check out SAL's youtube videos showing the Dent Dial in use along with other dent removal videos http://www.youtube.com/dentexperts

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