Dent Dial ™

Pushing and Pulling dents outs can be a lucrative career

Power and Finesse

The slot down the middle is the best design for fulcrum tools

Power and Control

The adjustments and potential

add-ons are endless

Dent Dial is for today's Paintless Dent Removal technician.

This center slot is vital to the success

of a fulcrum tool.  I get quite a few

orders from techs who are frustrated

with the solid flat bar design of others.

Dent Dial is for Paintless Dent Removal and auto body repair.

Tools designed with infinite adjustments open up the possibilities for you in Pdr.  Learning the setups come easy over time and it's all up  to your imagination and skill.  

Click here for SAL's  5 Sessions DVD course for Paintless Dent Removal.

Patent #6957561