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About SAL

Negative photo of sal using dent dial.

Over 25 years of Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) experience. Worked on all types of dents on many vehicles from vintage collectors to new and old. Always dedicated to providing high-quality repairs to keep my clients happy and satisfied. 


35 Light dent dial attached to walnut base and steel tab being used with a slapper tapper.

"Dent Dial" was inspired and designed by Sal Contreras. These tools were created to help all technicians who want to start or strengthen their PDR career.

Patent #6957561


Dent Experts

2015 Mobile Tech Expo Dent Olympics world champion.  26 year smash #paintlessdentrepair technician.

Repair dents like a Dent Olympic Champion! 

We offer training videos to all technicians from beginner to advanced on Vimeo and YouTube.  Please click on the picture above to visit my channel or scroll down for more information.

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