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     a 25 year master level Pdr technician. 

    Patent #6957561


    Thank you for visiting the Dent Dial website.  These tools and your skills can launch a new wonderful career in paintless dent removal.  There is no shortage of dents in cars and with the right tools you can move metal with wide smooth pushes.  Read and see below why the best paintless dent removal techs in the world use Dent Dial tools. 

    Thank you. 

    Sal Contreras - 26 year Professional Pdr smash tech. 

    Basics of how a Dent Dial works.

    Many techs in paintless dent repair have a solid flat bar and they work fine. However when a slot is down the middle and the bar is malleable then simple physics take over and you have an amazing pdr tool.  What's important when using tools in paintless dent repair is how fast you can adjust the tool to reach every spot. Time is money and these tools can deliver the pay days. 

    Watch this video to learn how the tool is used

    This tool is called the Panel Pro and it's the smallest of all 5 bars for paintless dent repair.  Just imagine the torque you can get if the bar was longer and now you understand why my tools sell out constantly. 

    The accuracy is in the micro adjustments

     22Heavy Duty demonstrating how easy it is to recrease a tight contour with a DentDial™.  You can't do this with an unbendable leaf spring (anaconda, etc) Paintless dent removal is about exact leverage and the devil is in the adjustments. 

    Why are Dent Dials so popular for Pdr?

    Excellent video showing how the power and accuracy is there for getting the job done.  You can't do this with an unbendable leaf spring flat bar (anaconda, etc) Paintless dent repair tools that adjust or bend into position is how to make money. 

    Fixing aluminum is the new challenge

    Dent Dial 35 Heavy Duty is for paintless dent repair of large, deep or complex repair.  This bar will also save your body from fatigue and or injury over time.  The power is fantastic, also converts to glue pulling bridge for tremendous lifts as a SlotBar™. 

    Glue pulling dents out like no other tool.

    The SlotBar™ is a patented glue pulling system that lifts steel or plastic tabs of any kind.  The glue pullers adjust to any size tab and using a drill to lift is easy on the body.  

    The Power of SteelTabs!

    DentDials push and pull dents out

    Power and accuracy for Paintless Dent Removal

    DentDial bars can generate powerful pushing torque for paintless dent repair.   The specially tempered steel allows for decades of daily bending without cracking. Critically important for fulcrum tools is the patented slot down the middle, which makes it easy to pass longer tips through the bar for quick easy adjustments when using the middle for unique setups.  The picture on the left shows me pulling the bar not pushing, I have a long tip attached to the middle and it's facing the damage.  As I pull on the bar the tip presses on the damage and I gently tap over the top. Accuracy and power is what Dent Dials can do for the professional Pdr technician.  

    All steel construction and made in the USA

    No breakable plastic parts and these tools can last generations.  The efficient design came from many years of testing in the field by an authentic paintless dent repair technician.  The overall tool set is quite compact for easy storage. yet can quickly transform into infinite setups for just about any paintless dent repair scenario.  DentDials generate insane pushing torque for the professional paintless dent removal technician.  Creating it's own fulcrum, a DentDial can make a tough repair simple. Technicians prefer auto body repair tools by Dent Dial over the traditional autobody tools and rods. You always need pdr rods but flat bars can save your body from injury over the long term.  


    Notice: All sales final

    My tool manufacturing operation is a small production but it still has expenses. 


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